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ANPT has a wide range of precast/ prestressed concrete long- span elements, with sizes and shapes vary depending on design requirements and applications, such as the following:

  • Precast/ Prestressed 1-Girders & Bulb Tees

  • Precast/ Prestressed Double- Tee Slabs

  • Precast/ Prestressed Beams (Rectangular, L-Beams, Inverted T-Beams, etc.)

Our precast long-span elements are fabricated under strict factory controlled conditions and therefore, produce with dimensional accuracy and consistency in finishes and texture.

Description & ApplicationPrecast/ Prestressed 1-Girders, Bulb Tees and Beams are conforming to AASHTO/ PCI standard shapes & sizes but can be customized to come up with an efficient & economical design section.

ApplicationThese elements are normally used in bridges as well as in buildings like those areas which requires large open spaces avoiding internal columns or walls such as Malls,Car Parking, Stadium, Auditorium, etc.

Double Tee Slabs is a long- span floor prestressed elements that resembles twoT-beams connected to each other which makes the cross section of the beam to look like two capital letter Ts. Double tees are manufactured from prestressed concrete using pretensioning beds of about 150m long.The strong bond of the flange (horizontal section) and the two webs (vertical members) creates a structure that is capable of withstanding high loads while having a long span. The typical sizes of double tees are up to 2.4m for flange width, up to 1.2m for web depth, and up to 26m or more for span length.

ApplicationThese elements are normally used in School Libraries, Car Parking, Stadium, Auditorium and other areas that requires long-span requirements or subjected to high floor loadings.

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