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Arabian Contracting Company, ACC is a reputed and fast growing company in Dubai, UAE. ACC undertakes diversified construction projects with in-house capabilities for specialized jobs in the field of Civil Engineering works and precast concrete. ACC has sustained steady growth and expansion which is attributed to our ability to undertake & successfully complete projects on time & budget this is a reflection of ACC’s administrative efficiency and technical strengths.

ACC is qualified and experienced engineers are well versed with the technical expertise of professionally executing projects. They offer clients with advice on layout options, preliminary engineering, budget pricing, and value engineering on all types of construction and concrete applications and projects.

ACC believes in providing clients with high-quality projects. A feature that distinguishes Arabian Contracting Company from most of the other companies is its punctuality and the commitment in handing over the completed task in time. This ability has contributed enormously to the growth and success of the company.

The company’s services include supplying custom made products, designing services, manufacturing, construction and project management of the entire project. ACC’s Quality Control Test brings out the best in terms of durability of the products so manufactured and is extremely adaptable, with both the ability to bear immense loads and provides aesthetic value to architectural finishes.

The company also proposes design solutions as well as casting and erection services, which are both economical and reliable.

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