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Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 22.32.05Since its inception, AI Ain National Precast Technology L.L.C has grown multifold and the going ahead is strong and encouraging. With a focus on Quality, ANPT continues to make positive progress in delivering a wide array of Quality Precast Products. Our in house QA/QC is known  for its strict stringent control measures and adheres to  the policies as laid down by the regulatory authorities.

I am glad that, ANPT is always at the forefront of most construction related contracts in the UAE. Our vision in the years to come will create the best benchmark for reliability, value engineering, quality, efficiency, delivery, operational excellence and customization. Our promise to our valued clientele is to be assured of getting the best and the finest of customized service in the industry.

ANPT has a penchant  to deliver its products  on time as per the agreed schedule and has achieved 100% on time performance. We have the fastest turnaround time and all thanks to our carefully selected talent pool. ANPT is a corporate entity that invests in sourcing and retaining the best talent available in the Precast Industry. Our engineers are well qualified and their expertise combined with our strategies together stands out in offering customized  products  that caters to the required specification.

ANPT strongly believes in doing ethical business and complies with all regulations laid down  by the regulatory authorities. We are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company and we will consistently  maintain our records to comply with the standards.

Our  strategy  will  aim  and  look  for  opportunities to  expand  as also with  our product range. We will never compromise and will go that extra mile, because we understand what it takes to make a Quality Product and the conditions that necessitate it to achieve excellence. While we at all times  solve complex  design requirements that are fastidious, our core business philosophy is simplicity. And it is this simplicity that has won us our esteemed clientelerepeatedly.

We respect and treat  all our clients  with  utmost  care while  assuring true value engineering, a concept that strengthens this bonding forever.

Bilal Hamed
General Manager